My name is Conor McGowan. I am a graphic designer and multimedia fine artist living in downtown Chicago. My varied work and life experiences have afforded me a wide-ranging skill set and a unique perspective.

Fun Facts:

  • I worked as a makeup artist and trainer for Sephora for 6+ years
  • I have a lightning bolt-shaped scar on my hand from an incident that involved a kitchen knife, an avocado, and a trip to the ER.
  • I performed lead roles in numerous productions including musicals, plays, and operas, auditioning against 500+ actors in many cases.
  • I have traveled to 15+ countries as an adult.
  • I love live music and attend concerts and music festivals regularly.
  • I love checking out the newest bars and restaurants throughout the city of Chicago.
  • I find inspiration in so many places but particularly find it in fashion/interior design publications and music.